Thursday, May 24, 2012


PROMISE ME THIS by Cathy Gohlke is a book you will want to read. 

It surrounds the voyage of the Titanic that fateful night and how it impacted a boy, a young man, his sister and the families whose lives they touched the ensuing years.
The boy, Michael Duggan, is an orphan whose life prompts him to run away where he meets Owen Allen who is headed to America on the Titanic. Owen has promised to send for his sister Annie as soon as he can. Michael sneaks on board and stows away.  The narrative that ensues is in so many ways parallel to the story of Jesus. It takes many twists and turns before it reaches the conclusion but you will not be disappointed. 

Although this is a novel there are many times where you are stopped in your tracks to ponder what is written. One such time for me is a prayer “What is next, Lord? Show me your path and give me the strength, the grace to walk in it. But do not leave me, Lord. Stay close, for I must lean hard.”

This books was provided for me by Tyndale Publishing.

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