Friday, June 1, 2012


I have found a new author to read after. I love historical novels and the FLAME OF RESISTANCE by Tracy Groot is such a book. I found it hard to put down as it kept you enthralled and anticipating the next twist in the plot. 

It is a story of World War II in France. A downed American pilot, Tom Jaeger, and a French prostitute, Brigitte Durand, are brought together in a covert operation with Tom posing as a Dutch officer. The operation is compromised and Tom is captured. There are unlikely heroes  and friendships are forged because people are still people in spite of where you are born and your circumstances. 

The research Tracy did into the conditions of the French during the occupation was very thorough. The narrative is quite believable and in fact some of the characters actually existed as well as the location of real battles.  It was so graphic as to the conditions that I realized how much we in America have been protected from the real ravages of war on our soil. 

I would recommend without reservations this book and intend to read more of Tracy’s books.

I received this book free from Tyndale for an honest review.

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