Saturday, July 7, 2012

Nothing Kept Him Down

FEARLESS the story of Navy Seal Team SIX operator Adam Brown is a must read! I’ve long had admiration for our military and especially those who go above and beyond in their training. I knew they undergo situations to prepare for any and every possible circumstance; however I didn’t have the slightest idea what they do endure. 

Adam was raised by good Christian parents however he found himself spiraling down into drugs and a life of despair. With the help of God, family and friends he pulled himself out of that existence and went on to become a member of the elite Seal Team TWO. There he pushed himself to overcome further hindrances as he encountered physical sit
uations that would have caused many, if not most, to quit. He went on to further qualify for the DEVGRU, Naval Special Warfare Development Group, or SEAL Team SIX. 
Through it all Adam consistently showed a tender, compassionate side of himself. While in Afghanistan he saw Afghan children walking barefoot or in flip-flops and it was starting to snow. He contacted his wife and parents and asked them to get some shoes and socks. He distributed over five hundred pairs of shoes and socks to the children of Kunar Province.

I received this book free for a fair and honest review from WaterBrook.  

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