Sunday, August 19, 2012

The CARTEL's El Patron

The Cartel, by A.K. Alexander, is a little more sensual and therefore not the type of book I would ordinarily read. That being said, the story was compelling and had a good story line that kept you guessing what the outcome was going to be.

It is the plot of a Cartel El PatrĂ³n, Antonio Espinoza, his best friend and partner Javier  Rodriquez, and Antonio's younger brother Emilio.

Emilio is determined to take over his brothers terrain, and sets out to systematically do all he can to destroy Antonio and anyone else that he can use in the process. 

The complicated accounting that involves both families of Antonio, Javier and the fallout of Emilio’s ambition and greed. It is very compelling and you unwillingly find your self rooting for the Cartel El Patron to succeed. 

I received this ebook free to read and review from Netgalley.

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