Thursday, September 27, 2012


ALMOST HEAVEN by Chris Fabry is a narrative that takes Billy Allman from a young boy to lonely isolated man to married local hero. Through the process he has to deal with his long repressed memories and feelings and come to a realization that old wounds only fester until they are dealt with. Billy then has to confront his past in order to move on and once he does he then finds redemption and forgiveness. 

It is also a love story of a young woman, Callie, who loves Billy from afar for years, giving and giving until she finally can give no more. When she tries to distance herself she becomes entangled with a man of questionable character and disappears. Billy becomes concerned so he searches for her and attempts to rescue her. 

Billy is a budding musician and electronic whiz who is a bit of a Nerd. He builds his own radio station and in the process becomes a local icon. The community rally’s around him in his time of need. 

There is also an guardian angel that shares his journey into Billy’s world.

This is an unusual story about an ordinary man who does extraordinary things. I loved the book. This book was provided by Tyndale Publishers for a fair and honest review.

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