Saturday, January 12, 2013

Emmaus Road Searchers

 The Searchers by Joseph Laconte was an eye opening book that was not at all what I expected by the title. In many ways it is a study of the history that brought us to today.

The argument in the book is that people are "searching", and have been searching throughout history, for something to believe in, or maybe SOMEONE to believe in. The two disciples on the road to Emmaus search for meaning and understanding to what just transpired. Joseph takes us into their conversation and uses it to cause us to question and explore the significance of events of the past.

Using different people to illustrate the journey we all engage in to find truth, he shares stories of individuals who have shown the good in this world. Florence Nightingale, Rembrandt, villagers of the French town Le Chambon are just a few he cites. However, the "Christian" past has not been free of its extremists, as evidenced by the Inquisitions.  

Threading through history has always been the hunt for TRUTH. Sometimes we find  it in the place we least expect , when we are not even looking, just as the two disciples did that day.

I've always loved history and I found this book intriguing. I believe it is a book well worth reading and would recommend it.  I received this book free from Thomas Nelson for an honest review.

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