Tuesday, February 12, 2013


A JUST MAN by Helen Daniel had a decent plot and storyline but was written more for Junior High age kids. It was originally written as stories for a friend to read to a vacation Bible camp for young people, so I'm sure that is the target group.

The narrative is of a family that has two sons, Thomas and Andrew Matthews. Starting during the Revolutionary War and the following years when they take in a young boy,
Billy Jones, Andrew found living in the woods and befriends.

Thomas enjoyed fishing, it was his escape. Andrew does not like to fish, however Thomas is his hero so goes to the creek, more to be alone. That is where he first meets Billy.  

Billy comes to live with the Matthews and through various circumstances returns home and he and his family moves into town. The story continues about Billy and what becomes of him and his children.

It is a good story, quite involved overall, just not written on an adult level. I would recommend it for youth.

I received this book free for a fair and honest review from Thomas Nelson.

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