Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I love Jeremy Camps' music and heard a little of his story so when i saw his book, I Still Believe,  on the Available Titles I jumped at the chance and requested it. I was not disappointed, and you will not be either if you choose to read it.

Most of us know his first wife died of cancer at a young age and that he still follows Christ today, which to some is miraculous in itself. But when you read it you will see how young they were, how he dealt with her death and how God spoke to him and used it to give him some of his best songs. Songs that speak to people still today.  

You will get little nuggets as you read, ways God spoke, often using others. In one such incidence, Jon, one God used reminded us it's easy after we've seen the deliverance, on the other side of the trial to say God's good.  "But it's tough when you don't see any outcome, or any good, in a dark time, to say, 'God, You are good. You are good. No matter what, You are good.'"

You will not only be reading an account of what happened, you will see God on every page. Jeremy pulls no punches and is honest and transparent. I would recommend this book to everyone.

I received this book free for a fair and honest review from Tyndale Publishing.

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