Thursday, May 2, 2013

Letters to Katie - A Middlefield Family Novel

Amish books are often lacking in true knowledge and understanding of their culture and beliefs. Letters to Katie by Kathleen Fuller is sort of in the middle. It's not as knowledgeable as some but definitely more than those who know little to nothing about the Amish.

Katie, or Katherine Yoder, has loved Jonny Mullet for years but he's always considered her a friend and nothing more. That is until something opened his eyes to how he really felt. He decides he has to have everything just right before he courts her, not even considering that she may move on.

Isaac is a young man who comes into Mary Yoder's, the local Amish restaurant where Katie works and she catches his eye. He pursues her and ask her to write while he is gone. 

Just as Johnny wanting to court her and Isaac enters the picture, she has a serious health issue causes her to lose her memory. Will she ever remember? Who will she choose when and if she does?
I enjoyed Letters to Katie and would recommend it.

I received this book free for a fair and honest review from Thomas Nelson Publishing.

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