Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I've never read many allegories and the few I've tried before have not captured my imagination enough so I could enjoy them. However I was intrigued by the premise of THE POINT by William E. Jefferson and decided to give it a try.

The story is of the journey of Hollie and her husband, Goodwin Macbreeze,  as they travel to Estylin, a mysterious  island that his grandfather talked about. "Win" is an architect and as a child he drew a picture of a house on the point of the island that he is fascinated with and wants to see.  The problem is that he owner is very reclusive and doesn't like visitors.

On the island is also a monastery with monks that open up the monastery each day for a reading  in which they engage the participants as they share. 

There were many captivating moments and much to contemplate as you read the story of their journey with the proprietor of the Point, Oban Ironbout, through grief, bitterness and healing. It is a narrative to read slowly and digest.

I was given THE POINT by Handelbar  Publishing and believe it is a book well worth reading, mulling over and chewing on.

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