Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Twelve years as BURNING SKY

BURNING SKY by Lori Benton was so engaging I couldn't put it down and read it in one day. It is a story of a young woman captured by Native Americans prior to the Revolutionary War. Her Mohawk name is Burning Sky. Her English name is Wilhelmina Obenchain, or Willa. Twelve Years later she returns to find her parents gone and their land confiscated after being declared Tories.

On her travels back she chances upon an injured man, Neil MacGregor, which she manages to get to the cabin her dad had built, and nurses him back to health. He falls in love with Willa and accepts her as she is. 

Her Indian brother, Joseph Tames-His-Horse lived for awhile among the Oneida's where he learned about Jesus and has a strong faith which he shared with Burning Sky.  He searches for her and tries to persuade her to return to the clan.

Richard Waring, the young man who was in love with her is repulsed because she had a Mohawk husband, however he is still drawn to her and ask her to marry him.

There are some in the town who consider Willa "despoiled" since she had a Mohawk husband and children. She is challenged to clear her parents reputation and claim the land at the same time many in the town wish she would leave.

What will she decide?

I received this book free from Water Brook Publishing for an honest review. 

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