Sunday, September 29, 2013

FATAL TIDE East Salem Trilogy book 3

FATAL TIDE is the third and final book of the trilogy East Salem Trilogy book by Lis Wiehl. I had read her Triple Threat Series and fully expected something similar and I was not expecting a novel along the style of Frank Peritti. When I first received it I was dubious but had committed to reading it so I proceeded.

Tommy Gunderson is a former football star and Dani Harris a childhood friend and the girl he has had a crush on since high school. They along with a few other acquaintances are holed up at Tommy 's fortified estate when, Reese, a high school boy from St. Adrian's Academy seeks refuge.  There is an evil plan in play involving a thousand year old curse and a selected few from the academy.

It is a faith based chilling, supernatural , suspense novel that you can't put down however at times you will almost want to, if you could, hide your eyes much as you would at a horror movie.  Will the demons succeed or will these mere humans be able to thwart their evil plan?  
 I have not read the first two but you can read this as a standalone book and enjoy it as I did.  I received this book free from Thomas Nelson for an honest review.

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