Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I just finished my second Sisterchicks book and I really enjoyed it. SISTERCHICKS ON THE LOOSE by Robin Jones Gunn is cute, funny, inspiring, charming, I could go on, however I should tell you why I enjoyed it.

We all have, or have had, a close friend but who we share everything with.  These friends are usually our opposites who challenges us, infuriates us, but are always there for us. Sometimes we are separated by distance and when we get together it's special. Sharon and Penny are such friends.

Penny is the outgoing adventurous type and Sharon is responsible and somewhat reserved. Penny buys tickets for them to go to Finland to her mother's homeland. What ensues is a journey that neither expected.  Their different personalities and conflicting ideas of what they want to do and lost luggage tests their friendship however causes both to stretch their comfort zone.

They both are challenged in unexpected ways as Penny meets her aunt and cousin for the first time. Will they connect as family or will time and their differences prevent it?

As I said earlier, I really enjoyed the book and will definitely read more of the Sisterchick stories.             

I received this book free from Water Brook/Multnomah Books for an honest review.

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