Sunday, October 20, 2013


   This is a narrative of Madison Kowalski, identical twins Chris and Nicholas (Nic) Rausbauer and a mystery in a sleepy town.
Identical twins, or MIRROR IMAGES. that is the basis for the book by Laurie Norlander.

The two brothers are identical in looks but not in personality. They are as different as day and night.  Madison was in love with one of them but which one. What happened since she last saw him, is he the one dead, and if so why? Was it a suicide or murder. If murder who killed him and why? 

Who has the most to gain, who wants to stop her from finding the answers? Unsure of who she can trust Maddie searches for answers and puts her own life in danger. 

I did enjoy the book. The story has lots of twists and turns and I was captivated by the intrigue, however I thought the writing was a bit stilted. You will be seized spellbound to the end wanting to follow the clues and solve the mystery.

I received the book from WestBow Press, A Division of Thomas Nelson, for an honest review.

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