Saturday, March 29, 2014


WWJD - What Would Jesus Do? That little acronym made the circles several years ago and you still see it around. But have we really considered What Jesus Would Do?
I can remember the first time I was confronted with loving and reaching out to someone and not be viewed as agreeing or condoning what they did. How to love, show grace and mercy and disagree at the same time.  I believe that is something that has become so misunderstood today by so many.
There are so many issues that we were taught were black and white with no gray or any other color to be considered. I am struggling with some of those issues today as our world is changing before our eyes. But more than the issues themselves is my reaction and response to them.  I have been guilty in the past,  as many of you, in my response because of how we were taught.  As I grow and strive to have the heart of God I have to reevaluate many of these subjects as to how Jesus would really respond.
Love is not only at the center of His response but it is who He is! Love, Grace, Mercy, Justice are all characteristics of Jesus. When the word Justice comes in many instantly take the stance of judgment.  However, is that always what we comes to mind when justice is mentioned today in other matters. Justice means fairness, impartiality, righteousness, honesty and integrity to name just a few synonyms.
But back to the main topic that is confronting me today. To love those you don't agree with and maybe even feel uncomfortable around. If we could only allow God to do the judging, the reviewing, and just get back to doing what He called us to do which is to LOVE. And skip the love the sinner but hate the sin crap and just love. Love the person for being a child of God that He loves as much as He loves you. Let him do the wooing, the convicting, and the changing. He can do a much better job then you, and usually better without your help.

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