Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Robin Lee Hatcher departed from her usual book settings in THE HEART'S PURSUIT and it was not a mistake. She always creates a historic romance that takes you back in time when life was simpler if not harder and often dangerous.

Jared Newman is a bounty hunter who was set on this path searching for the man who murdered his family. Silver Matlock is the daughter of a local merchant left at the altar. How their lives intersect and the subsequent journey will hold you captive.

 I found the story compelling as it unfolds. What will be revealed next, where will the journey go and what will be the outcome?

Ms. Hatcher is a skilled author who writes heart-touching books covering various historical periods. I have never been dissatisfied or disappointed when reading her books. I enjoyed The Heart's Pursuit and found it hard to put down until I finished.

I received this book free for an honest and fair review from Zondervan and Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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