Saturday, August 9, 2014


MATTHEW 13:44 by Scott Coren is not at all what I expected by the title.  In the beginning of the narrative Lucy and Steve receive the news that his chemo is not getting the results they had hoped for.  I almost put the book down unfinished as I have recently lost my husband to cancer. I am glad to say I didn't and the book did not disappoint.

It is an unexpected mystery with lots twists and turns along with some unanticipated heartwarming touches. Suffice it to say that Lucy's journey is a tumultuous one changes her life in more ways than she ever expected.

Who are your real friends? Who can be trusted? What are people hiding, even those you think you know? Questions she will be faced with and the outcome is soul searching for all of us.

I received this book from Scott Coren's PR firm free for an honest review. I thoroughly enjoyed it, it gave me much to think about. I recommend it to any and all!

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