Monday, February 9, 2015


I always jump at any chance to read a Leonard Sweet and when one is available free for a review it's an extra incentive. I just read FROM TABLET TO TABLE and found it very though provocative as his usually are.

Leonard always makes you think, often about things you've always believed, which then either solidifies the belief or causes you to discard it. In this one he shows us how we've allowed ourselves to "become more 'modern' than Christian.."  That Scripture memorization, principle-driven tablet of rules and regulations has replaced the stories that defined who we are as a family, a body of Christ.

He said "If we really want to learn someone's story, sitting down at the table, breaking bread together, is the best way to start......we don't just pass food around; fellow diners pass bits of themselves back and forth as well...."

This book is so rich that you can only nibble and digest a little at a time.  I've never been able to read a Leonard Sweet book through at one sitting. But I've grown a little from each one I've read.

I would recommend this, and I have already, to any and all.

I received this book free from Navpress published by Tyndale House Publishers for an honest review.

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