Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Brent Travis is the new music teacher at the school and is a man hiding from his pain and feelings of betrayal by God, friends and his wife. Autumn  is the only daughter and sister of the Parker family and works in the family owned feed store.

Brent is renting a cottage from the Parkers, is bulldozed into the town band where Autumn is also a member. Autumn's horse Scout is missing and Brent impulsively offers to help look for him.  Will Brent be able to let himself love again? Will Autumn look past his exterior to the man inside?

HORSE IN THE WILDERNES is a story of a missing horse, a lost boy, a vandal with a grievance, secrets, misconceptions and vengeance. It is also about forgiveness and learning to let go and trust again.

I enjoyed this book and only wish it had taken the story a little further. Seems too often that author's bring it to a quick conclusion and leave the readers wishing for a little more to flesh out the ending.

I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers for an honest review.

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