Wednesday, July 29, 2015


A MIND OF HER OWN by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer is different at the very least. It deals with the controversial subject of multiple personalities, as well as retrograde amnesia , repressed memories and relationships.

Louisa Copeland Jazz Sweet is the wife of Collin, has spent her life being the perfect daughter, wife and mother. While preparing dinner she has a George Foreman grill fall on her head and wakes in the hospital. She wakes from a concussion convinced she is someone named Jazz Sweet, a novelist.

I often have a problem reviewing a book as I never want to spoil it for others by telling too much. Suffice it to say it is an interesting story. It deals with the relationships of a family and the things we often miss up close and offers insight we often miss as to how we are perceived by others.

It is interesting book and I would recommend it overall. I received this book free from Tyndale Publishers for an honest review.

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