Thursday, October 22, 2015



MESSY GRACE by Caleb Kaltenback is his perspective of the LGBT community as a child raised with gay parents who becomes not only a Christian by a pastor.

Setting out to be a "ninja Christian" because of the attitude of some of the church to the LGBT's he finds himself drawn to this Jesus in spite of his dislike for Christians. He is open and honest and helps, I believe, to show us our shortcomings in how we react and treat any who we differ with.

            "Even though I didn't like Christians, when I read Jesus' words in the Bible, they ripped me apart.........but I just started liking Jesus more than any Christian I had ever met."  pg 80

I believe is a must read for all Christian no matter our stance on any issue. He exhibits grace with truth and never wavers in his love. He exemplifies love in the face of opposition and differences.

I received preview copy of Messy Grace free from WaterBrook Publishing for an honest review.

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