Saturday, December 12, 2015


Dierenpark, a beautiful old mansion clothed in secrecy, gossip and intrigue was abandoned by the owners for over sixty years. Sophie van Riijn has set up a weather station on the roof, cooks for the staff loves the mansion. Sophie has become one of the local victims of a supposed curse connected to the mansion because of the time she spends there.

Nicholas Vandermark was the last to live in the mansion as a young boy. His grandson, Quentin, trying to fulfill his grandfather's wishes, has arrived to tear the building down. Quentin and Sophie are immediately at odds with each other over his plans.

Pieter, Quentin's son has grown attached to Sophie while Quentin is fighting his interest in her. Unexpectedly Nicholas arrives and the controversy over the building intensifies.

UNTIL THE DAWN by Elizabeth Camden draws you with its intrigue, mystery and romance. What will be the outcome? Will the mansion be preserved? If so to what end? Will Quentin reveal his growing attraction to Sophie? Will she reciprocate the feelings?

I received Until The Dawn free from Bethany House for an honest review.

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