Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Amy Clipston has written other Amish novel but this is the first one I've read. THE FORGOTTEN RECIPE, an Amish Heirloom Novel is not like any other I've read. I deviated from some of the Amish way in several ways. I realize there are several districts, old order, new order etc so I can only assume this was a new order with a much less stringent Ordnung. I seemed almost more Mennonite.

Veronica Fisher is betrothed to Seth Lapp who is her best friend.  Jason Huyard's father owns the shop where Seth works and they become close friends. They live in different church districts so do not share many acquaintances.

Seth is killed in an accident at the shop where Jason was with him and feels guilty. Veronica is devastated and withdraws. She finds her mammi's raspberry pie recipe which she opens a roadside bake stand with. Jason wishing to express his condolences cannot tell her he was with Seth after meeting her.

Over time they grow closer but will the secret  destroy everything?

I did enjoy the story even if I felt it was departed from the Amish ways. It spoke of secrets, family, grief and forgiveness.

I received The Forgotten Recipe free from Zondervan and Thomas Nelson Publishers for an honest review.

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