Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Rachel Hauck wrote a intriguing story about an unfulfilled love that spans sixty-seven years and three generations. The Wedding Chapel is an account of Peg, a deceitful sister who is in love with the boy in love with Collette, her younger sister.

Peg and Colette are English who were orphaned in the war then sent to live with an Aunt and Uncle in America. Jimmy is a neighbor boy whose mother left and his dad raised him alone. Jimmy is taken with Collette when Clem, the girls cousin shows him their picture upon hearing they are coming.

Jimmy and Colette fall in love. Jimmy is drafted and leaves to serve in the military. Due to misunderstanding and lies Colette runs off to Hollywood and becomes a big star. Neither Colette or Jimmy ever married.

Taylor, a photographer, is Peg's granddaughter and has moved to Manhattan where she marries Jack, and advertising executive. Circumstances brings them all back to Heart's Bend, Tennessee where they are all faced with the truth.

It's a little confusing at times with the bouncing back and forth between the past and future. However, it is a charming romance which I enjoyed.

I received this book free from Zondervan via Thomas Nelson Publishers for an honest review.

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