Thursday, March 10, 2016


New writer for me is Kim Vogel Sawyer and I'm hooked. I just finished Room for HOPE which I admit I was dubious about reading.

Neva Shilling is a mother of fourteen year old twins and her husband, Warren, is a traveling salesman. One day, while expecting him home from a trip, instead a deputy pulls  up with a load of furniture. He calls her Neva Gaines saying her brother Warren Shilling and his wife Violet have died leaving her their three children and what's left of their belongs after selling off his store to pay debts. Eventually other secrets come to light and the situation is even more heartbreaking.

I found myself furious at a man who not only was an adulterer  but totally oblivious to how this affects his wife and his children.  Not only must she deal with the betrayal but the children confront gossip and disrespect.

I must also admit I was not totally onboard with the ending, but then that is my own preferences showing.

There were a lot of teaching moments in the book and I gleaned much from reading it.

I received this book free for an honest review from WaterBrook Press.

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