Saturday, March 26, 2016


"the hearts we mend" by Kathryn Springer will give you much to think about. I read this book first then went back and read the first in the series.
Evie Bennett lost her firefighter husband 13 years ago. She's raised her only son, Cody who you met in the first book The Dandelion Field. You will like him more than his mother in the beginning of book one. She is the Women's Director at Hope Community Church.

Jack Vale is a tattooed construction worker who has come to town to help his younger brother pick up the pieces of his life. He takes a job at the church as custodian at the same time he renovates a building that the owner wishes to sell.

Evie has bound herself in grief for 13 years and Jack is not the usual type she would give the time of day. She is a organized, controlled woman. He is a casual, spontaneous man. Their worlds collide and both are guarded.

Kathryn weaves her characters with such realism you alternate between disliking them and cheering them on, giving you a lot to question and much to ponder

I received this book free from Zondervan and Thomas Nelson Publishing for an honest review.

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