Sunday, June 26, 2016


I just finished A HAVEN ON ORCHARD LANE by Lawana Blackwell. I had read The Gresham Chronicles previously so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed.
Charlotte Ward a stage actress that has made some bad choices in marriage. Approached by a former colleague to return to the stage, she attempts to escape her controlling husband, Lord Fosberry, who married her only for the fortune he thought she had. Exhausted she forgets her lines on stage and becomes hospitalized.

Rosalind Kent is the estranged daughter that Charlotte left in the care of an aunt she trusted to care for her daughter.  Believing she was abandoned and unwanted by her mother there are years of distrust and resentment. Prodded by the principal at the ladies college where she teaches, she takes her mother to a small town to hid away and recoup.

Will the relationship be repaired? Will Lord Fosberry seek revenge for the wrong he considered done to him.

Lawana writes a turn of the century story set in London with compelling characters, touching on family relationships some romance, and a little intrigue.

I received this book free for an honest review from Bethany House.

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