Saturday, June 18, 2016


Very seldom do I find it impossible to finish a book. A Dream of Miracles  by Ruth Reid was one. I picked it up and put it down too many times, unable to continue. It's not because of the writer's ability to draw you in, if anything that is the reason. It is the subject, the characters. It's a story I find myself being able to empathize with and become angry and defensive about.

Mattie Diener is a young Amish widow with two children. Bo Lambright is a social services investigator. Of course, circumstances bring them together and you can let you mind jump to where this will be headed.  As always there is other people involved that only complicate the matter.

To not get on a soap box I will only say that too often the system interferes when they have no business to because of some so called well meaning busy body. Before you get you take this wrong, I do know there are times when they should. Unfortunately too often they should when they don't and don't when they should. Enough said!

I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers for a fair and honest review.

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