Saturday, July 9, 2016


An Amish Heirloom Novel, THE COURTSHIP BASKET by Amy Clipston is the second in the series. I had read the first, The Forgotten Recipe and knew this would be a good book and wasn't disappointed.

At her sister Victoria's wedding, Rachel Fisher, the second of three sisters, happens to overhear her best friend and the young man she hoped to marry. Betrayed and heartbroken she takes a job as a teacher in a special school. Rachel doesn't need another heartbreak and enjoys teaching.

John Lantz whose mother is dead and his father is sick joins her class. Mike, his older brother, has assumed responsibility for not only his dad's care but also John's. Mike believes his obligations prevent him from dating or seeking a wife.

Rachel, wanting to do something for the family sends meals to the family using an old picnic basket that holds family memories. Mike watchful of her intentions and wants to protect John.

Amy has the ability of draw you into the narrative and become enthralled by the characters and their journey. I loved the book and now awaiting book three of the series. I hope she not only shares Emily's account but also the parents tale.

I received The Courtship Basket free for an honest review from Zondervan and Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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