Wednesday, August 3, 2016


The Captain Takes a Wife by Doris  Durbin was a very entertaining story and one that kept you on you intrigued wondering who? It's a romance but also a nail biter mystery.

The heroine, Sarah Beth is a young woman being raised by her uncle and aunt. Her uncle has arranged a marriage for her and a man she's who is evil. The day of the wedding she sneaks off to the train depot where she happens to meet a young preacher Harry Richardson. Harry was a Captain in the Civil War and then in the west fighting Indians.

Harry and Sarah get married thinking that will protect her from a forced marriage and head on North. There the story gets interesting as they are followed and face danger, not knowing who they can trust.

Will the marriage become one of mutual love? Will they find out what is the motivation of the marriage and who is behind it?

This is a stimulating story that I thoroughly enjoyed. This is Doris's first novel and I believe she will delight us with many more.

I received this book free from Harper Collins and Thomas Nelson Publishers for an honest review.

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