Thursday, February 9, 2017


The SISTERS of SUGARCREEK by Cathy Liggett is a story of three women as diverse as night and day who find common ground and love in the process.

Lydia Gruber is a recent young Amish widow needing a job. Jessica Holtz has inherited her aunt Rose's Knit One Quilt Two Cottage but know nothing about knitting or quilting. Liz Cannon was Rose's best friend and lost her partner in a secret endeavor they did together.

They come together after a tragic church fire that took both Lydia's husband and Rose. Lydia is a piece of good fortune for Jessica as she comes to work for her knowing both how to knit and quilt.

Liz is also a widow who loves to cook, especially bake. She talks Jessica and Lydia into assisting her in the Secret Stitches Society that her and Rose started.

Jessica is a single mother to her son Cole and struggling to make a go of the shop since she quit her job when she inherited it.

I loved the book, the unity and friendship these three different women build is inspirational.

I received a free copy from Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. No review, positive or otherwise, was required – all opinions are my own.

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