Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Rachel Linden wrote a complex story with complicated characters in the Ascension of Larks.  Maggie and Lena are college roommates. When Maggie and Marco meet, having similar stories they connect and develop a close friendship. But when Marco meets Lena there is an instant attraction and decide to get married.

Maggie and Marco follow their dreams, she becomes a world famous photographer and Marco becomes a world class architect. Through the years Marco and Lena's family become Maggies only family.

Marco drowns trying to save a  kayaker and Maggie rushes to the family's summer home. After she arrives various circumstances compels her to stay and assist Lena and her children. She meets people that further complicates things and along with Maggie's professional obligations.

There is a lot to contemplate and encourage but there are also some questionable belief, ,a little bit superstitious if you will. But overall it is a story that will hold your attention,

I received a free copy from HarperCollins a division of Thomas Nelson Publishing Group. No review, positive or otherwise, was required – all opinions are my own.

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